427: Laughing in Bed

podcast February 15, 2024

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The saying goes that laughter is the best medicine. In our work as couples therapists, we’ve seen the power of shared laughter between partners. Laughter has the ability to derail an oncoming cycle, increase playfulness and deepen the bond between lovers. We’ve also seen moments where humor falls flat and complaints disguised as jokes cause damage. Today’s show has listeners learning about the benefits of laughter between partners and creative ways to increase laughter in your bedroom routine. Recalling Emily Nagowski’s work from the best-selling book “Come As You Are,” hosts Laurie and George discuss when humor is a gas pedal or a brake when it comes to sexual connection and desire in relationships. We encourage listeners to remember that timing is key, we have to consider impact over intent, and find out what makes us laugh together. When laughter is a shared experience it opens up the hearts of lovers even further!

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