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418: Building Brands and Empowering Teams with Jamar Jones

podcast January 19, 2024

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Elzie gets into an engaging discussion with Jamar Jones, the owner of Foureva Media, who shares his journey from music to entrepreneurship, brought on by vocal cord issues. Jamar talks about creating value and leverage, stressing the importance of making tangible impacts and aligning with others’ vision.

Jamar then delves into strategies for elevating B2B brands, emphasizing the need for personal growth and consistent content creation. He highlights the importance of focusing on one’s niche for sustained growth and discusses the role of efficient systems for scalability. He also explores the “joy meter” concept, underlining its significance in decision-making.

Don’t miss this illuminating episode where seasoned entrepreneur Jamar Jones shares invaluable experiences and advice, emphasizing the crucial role of self-awareness, the journey from transition to purpose, and key strategies for elevating B2B brand building and scaling with focus. Tune in now for a wealth of inspiration and practical guidance for entrepreneurs navigating the complexities of business!

Episode Highlights:

07:33 – When I went international, it changed my perspective completely because I was the foreigner. And I’m like, “I don’t even know how to cross the street.” I’m learning all these things different. So, when I went back here, I was like, “Wow.” This is like my whole thought process. I’m like, “There’s more to life than just what I had in my bubble.” So, you learn those things. And the last one I’d like to sprinkle on there is self-love. You have to love yourself first and not seek validation from others. So that way you can truly believe in yourself, love yourself first, and not just look for others to bring you up in this world. And so, self-awareness is key. So, if you talk about for business, as these things are happening to you in business, the more that you’re aware and you can make those changes, the quicker and faster you can implement.

18:11 – Add value, but do it also in a way that is entertaining and engaging and showcase the value that you’re giving, not in a boasting way, but in a way that you’re showing what you do and how you give back and your impact. Because the more you do that, people start to add you up with that. They start to think of you as like, “Oh man, I keep seeing you doing this, but you’re doing that.” And it’s great because you’re on top of mind. And so the more that you could do that in a more entertaining or engaging way is amazing. I think the last thing I would say is just create an experience. So, do an event.

20:13 – Stop making excuses. I mean, if you really think about it, the excuses, that self -talk that we have in our head is crazy. If you have a small business and you’re in the B2B space and you’re scraping, you’re hustling. First of all, stop looking at everybody else and focus on yourself.

40:25 – You’ve got to niche down and create focus. So, one of the problems with Foureva Media is that we’re doing a lot of stuff. And I just had a guy yesterday, he’s like, “Dude. So, when I met you about nine months ago, we had a conversation. You told me about what you did, then I started following you.” And so I met him. Then it’s been nine months later, I met him yesterday and he’s like, “I don’t think you do the same thing. Did you pivot your business? Like, what happened?” And it’s because we’re doing so much. We got a podcast. I’m speaking. I have my book. We do events. We help organizations with branding and marketing strategies. We’re doing video content. We’re doing social. There’s just a lot of areas that we’re doing, and then we have a lot of nonprofit engagements and we’re doing a lot of stuff. And so, I would say before you spread yourself too thin, focus on what works. Just really dive into it. And then once that really gets cranking where it’s a system and you understand, you can actually do projections on the profitability and you can really say, “Okay, this is going to scale.” That’s another thing. Work on what’s going to scale.

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