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406: Getting Organized & Restructuring for Growth with Alicia Butler Pierre

podcast January 3, 2024

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Alicia Butler Pierre explores practical approaches for existing organizations aiming to refocus, reorganize, and restructure. Tailored for fast-growing businesses with a minimum of three years of operation, the discussion centers on actionable insights that can make a substantial impact.

Alicia introduces a strategic exercise designed to refine organizational aspects, including the creation of clear and concise job descriptions. She delves into crafting an efficient organizational chart, streamlining digital and physical record-keeping, and optimizing workspace arrangements. These elements collectively contribute to the enhancement of overall operational efficiency.

If you’re part of a growing organization seeking proven strategies to adapt and thrive, this micro-episode provides valuable guidance on the essential steps to refocus and restructure effectively. Tune in to gain practical insights that can propel your business toward sustainable growth.

Episode Highlight:

02:11 – How are stick figures and index cards foundational to your business infrastructure? Here’s what comes out of those exercises that I just described. Number one, job descriptions. Now you have succinct, transparent, well-thought out job descriptions, so that there isn’t any room for interpretation. You know exactly what you want that specific role to do, and now you’re in a better position to go and recruit, interview, and hopefully even offer some type of offer to have someone join your team. It also serves as a foundation for creating an organizational chart for your business. You asked, “What does it look like when you have three to five employees or five to ten, then ten plus?” We always have at least two versions of an organizational chart that we create for our clients. The current state, meaning this is what it looks like now, and maybe for the next twelve months. And then there’s a version, this is what it’s probably going to look like in three years or five years, just so that everyone has a visual picture of how much the company can grow if they continue on their trajectory.

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