#316 Jack Mallers – How Bitcoin Will Win

December 31, 1969

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Jack Mallers, Founder and CEO of Strike, joins Zuby to discuss Bitcoin, monetary policy and the future of money. Jack shares his backstory and how his Father introduced him to Bitcoin in the early 2010’s, his experience at an early age at Coding Bootcamp, the importance of supportive relationships, and how this culminated in Jack’s attraction to Bitcoin. Jack then shares his view of Bitcoin’s value proposition, the relationship between money, time, and energy, issues around wealth inequality and much more—enjoy!

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(00:18) Introduction

(03:05) Jack’s backstory

(08:01) Jack’s introduction to Bitcoin

(10:03) Chicago’s welcoming of Bitcoin

(11:32) Jack’s Father introduces him to BTC

(14:30) Coding bootcamp

(23:16) Supportive relationships

(24:39) Bitcoin’s appeal

(26:27) Bitcoin’s value-prop

(41:18) Money, time & energy

(49:09) Wealth inequality

(59:11) Predictions

(1:14:19) Outro


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