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#2960: Who Should You Sell To? [Not Everybody!] [Part 2 of 2]

June 21, 2024

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Bought a ton of self-improvement courses, only to see them gather dust? Me too! But here’s the thing: it wasn’t the courses, it was the mismatch.

Remember Tony Robbins turning down a client? Made me realize I was chasing magic bullets, not the right fit for my goals. Now I’m on a quest to find that perfect program (or coach!).

Show Notes:

[02:43]#4 You want to sell to the implementers.

[09:17]#5 People who are properly aligned.

[15:43]#6 Sell to people who are positive and happy. 

[21:27] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:

876: Motivation Is ONLY For The Motivated

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