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#251: Surrender and Letting Go (Just Let Them Be)

December 31, 1969

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In this episode of Black Girls Heal, we discuss the challenging yet liberating process of surrender and letting go. We explore themes such as grieving, setting boundaries, and focusing on self-love, supported by a poignant poem 'Just Let Them' by Cassie Phillips. 

We also go into the three key takeaways: realizing you can't control others, being open to love and connection, and mastering the art of balanced surrender. 

Additionally, we introduce various support resources including the co-contact support group, love avoidance healing programs, and more. This episode is a heartfelt guide towards self-healing and embracing the goodness life offers.

In this episode, we cover…

  • 01:00 Why surrendering and letting go are necessary
  • 02:32 Poem: Just Let Them by Cassie Phillips
  • 04:17 Reflections on the poem
  • 10:36 Takeaway 1: Realizing you can't control others
  • 16:52 Takeaway 2: Being available to let others in
  • 30:42 Takeaway 3: Why you must surrender
  • 36:44 Program announcements

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