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181: The Power of Focus: Mastering Your Niche, One Thing at a Time w/ AJ Simmons

podcast January 4, 2024

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In a world that often glorifies the art of multitasking, we’re here to challenge the narrative and delve into a philosophy that’s proven to be a game-changer: The Power of Focus.


In today’s dynamic and fast-paced business environment, the pressure to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously is pervasive. We’re bombarded with messages that celebrate those who seemingly manage a dozen things at once. But is this approach truly sustainable, especially for entrepreneurs? Can wearing many hats lead to extraordinary results? Or does the real magic lie in zeroing in on one thing and mastering it?


Join us as we explore the transformative journey of entrepreneurs who have embraced the power of focus. This isn’t just about finding a niche; it’s about immersing yourself in it, understanding its nuances, and reaping the extraordinary rewards that come with undivided attention.


And who better to guide us through this exploration than the exceptional AJ Simmons, the visionary founder of Clean Biz Network. His journey, from a unit franchise owner to a prominent figure in the cleaning industry, is a testament to the unparalleled impact of focus.



  • Discover how honing in on a niche can be a game-changer in your business.

  • Uncover the challenges of trying to do everything and gain advice on how to resist the temptation to wear too many hats.

  • Learn specific steps to simplify your business model for increased efficiency and focus.

  • Understand how to identify and articulate your unique value proposition within your niche, providing significant value in your industry.



If there’s a voice in the cleaning industry, it’s AJ Simmons, founder of Clean Biz Network. From documenting his entrepreneurial journey on YouTube to creating a cleaning empire, AJ has assisted and inspired thousands worldwide. His resources, including training courses and a lead generation service, empower entrepreneurs. With a transparent approach on his channel, AJ shares industry insights and answers questions live. Despite selling his last cleaning company in 2018, AJ’s commitment to Clean Biz Network’s growth and potential remains unwavering. Tune in to glean wisdom from AJ’s journey and learn how focus can lead to extraordinary results.


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