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167: The Missing Piece to How You’re Doing Business

podcast December 31, 1969

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About this episode:
In this week’s episode, Tatum discusses the importance of knowing and studying the seven mountain of influence. She also explains how important it is to your success to know what mountain you are supposed to take over.
Time Stamps:
5:52- Tattum discusses the seven mountain of influence
8:37 – Tatum talks about what really is the bigger picture of your business
19:37- You have to understand the spiritual aspect of your assignment
23:37 – How are you going to take over a nation if you still struggle with inconsistency
24:21 – Point 1 – Identify the mountain of influence you are called to and the mountain you are involved in.
27:10- Point 2 – Study the Mountain 
34:18 – Point 3 – Apply these strategies to your business operations.
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Resources mentioned in this episode:
The Seven Mountain Prophecy:
Seven Mountain Renaissance: Vision and Strategy through 2050

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