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134. The Importance of Taking Responsibility for Your Part

podcast February 14, 2024

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In this Open Late Quickie, Drea discusses the importance of taking responsibility for one’s part in various situations. She emphasizes the need to look at how we show up and what we do in situations that cause discomfort or conflict. Drea explores the role of choices and communication in relationships and highlights the significance of recognizing mistakes and not giving too many chances. She also discusses the accountability in confusing situationships and the importance of stepping away from unfavorable situations. Take ownership, compartmentalize responsibility, and surround yourself with a supportive network.

In this Episode of Open Late:

  • The Importance of Choices and Communication in Relationships
  • Overcomplicating Situations and Seeing the Good in People
  • Taking Ownership and Separating Responsibility
  • Self-Growth and Admitting Fault

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2:18 When we are putting this towards the view of relationships, our choices that we make in the beginning are so important. The conversations that we’re having are so important. Listening to what our partners are saying is so important, especially when things go sour and they don’t work out and you look back and you think, hmm, what did they tell me? What did I ignore? How did I continue showing up? How is this person showing up for me? And this goes for all relationships – Drea Renee

3:02 I know it begins with understanding and realizing that we play a part in every situation or experience and have some degree of responsibility over the outcomes and consequences. – Drea Renee

7:05 But you got to take responsibility for looking at what part of your trauma, what part of your history, what part of your own self-worth, your self-esteem is allowing you to show up into situations that aren’t serving you. – Drea Renee

11: 44 It will always go back to taking ownership for your part and also forgiving yourself – Drea Renee

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