100th Episode

podcast April 28, 2022

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How'd you spend your week and whatchu sippin' on? Moe and KJ are back just in time for The Graybeards to celebrate the 100th episode of the podcast. You'll hear from a few special guests to start the show. Tee is not here for KJ's critique from last week and Moe forgets how the opening works! 
Hi Brooklyn…The fellas give the Nets the business after getting swept by Boston (17:40). Sojo makes a declaration about Jayson Tatum that Tee and KJ are not buying …insert Moe's cape (20:00). Ben Simmons gets some of the Nets heat without ever playing a second (24:05). Kyrie, Kyrie and Kyrie (26:05). Do the right thing and pick a side…looking at you Spike (30:05). Irrational hate, basketball IQ and your "first time" somehow describe the Memphis/Minesota series (34:00). Karl Anthony Towns continues to be polarizing (37:25). Find out who actually won the Harden/Simmons trade (54:30). "I was wrong"…The Graybeards pour out some liquor to their worst takes from the last year (61:15).

 Who won the week? (68:40).

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