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1. Jan 6th: An American Story – Legal Eagles

podcast January 4, 2024

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PART 1: By now, the story of what happened on January 6 2021 is seared into the public psyche. But there is still an untold story. Many of the investigators and team leads on the January 6th Committee were people of color. In this podcast, we bring you the story of their leadership, and why their mix of lived experience as descendents of enslaved people; children of immigrants; or immigrants themselves deeply shaped the committee’s quest to protect and uphold a multiracial pluralistic democracy.

The story they tell about the inner workings of the committee also reveal deep rifts over the role of race and Christian Nationalism in the insurrection, and how much of that inquiry should be told while proving former President Trump’s role in the insurrection.

As America winds up with endless court cases over the former President and his alleged co-conspirators, it is also, arguably winding up for an increase in domestic violent extremism. In “January 6th: An American Story,” we show – through the investigators of color and lawmakers helping lead the committee – that January 6th is not over, and the ways we continue to make sense of its reverberations could save – or imperil – us all.

The story of January 6 is an American Story.

It just might be different from the one you thought you knew.

In this episode, we meet the Black, South Asian and Latino investigators on the January 6th committee who share their personal stories – whether it be growing up in Harlem in the 1970s and as an Afro Latino in Miami or straddling American and Indian cultures. We learn why these legal eagles were handpicked to serve on the January 6 committee and why they choose to defend a nation that doesn’t always defend them.

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