Trying 2 B Outside the Box

podcast April 3, 2024

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Sometimes for business owners thinking outside the box is not the issue, being placed into one from the start is the major problem. This imaginary box can sometimes stifle a business’s path for growth and success. We have struggled with the imaginary boxes ourselves, for instance, “oh y’all sell t-shirts.” Well, we do, but that is not all we have ever sold, but we have learned to not let boxes fold in on us as well. Your business can be placed in a box by customers, observers, or other vendors as well.

These boxes don’t have to define your business, they can help you to work harder at making your business standout. One of our biggest ways to stay out of our box as being a “lifestyle” brand was to go through brand development. Dailing in a brand strategy, brand mission, and brand vision can help your brand to stand out. Your branding material such as business cards, promotional materials, etc. will play a part in standing out as well.

These imaginary boxes placed on your business are another version of a Hook that you will have to deal with. These boxes are trying to deny you the greatness you are envisioning for your business. Please stay vigilant and know that your love and passion for your business will always be needed.

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