Truth’s Table LIVE at the EKBPC 2023

podcast December 31, 1969

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Issa Truth’s Table Live episode, y’all! 

Truth’s Table was invited to the historic and legendary E.K. Bailey Preaching Conference (EKBPC) 2023 in Dallas, Texas. Christina and Ekemini discuss their experience at the conference and you’ll hear them facilitate a first-time all-women panel at the EKBPC. The topic of the panel was “Exploring the Stories of the Women of Genesis” and the brilliant panelists are Lisa V. Fields Founder & CEO of Jude 3 Project, Rev. Dr. Danielle Brown Senior Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church, and Rev. Cokeisha Bailey Robinson, Dean of Student Diversity and Inclusion at Grace College. 

Ekemini and Christina facilitate a discuss with these mighty women of God, that went far beyond Genesis and into the Old Testament as a whole. May this conversation encourage, edify, inspire, and convict you as you sit at the table. Pull up a chair and have a seat at the table with us!

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