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Transforming Scripts: A Talk with Yhane Washington Smith, Creator of ‘Harlem Queen’

podcast February 2, 2024

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In this episode of Afros & Audio’s Black History Month interview series, host Talib Jasir speaks to Yahne Washington Smith, creator of the outstanding indie podcast ‘Harlem Queen’.

Yahne shares her journey as a writer, editor, producer, and director, and the transition from her early attempts at writing for film and TV to creating and producing audio dramas. 

Yahne talks about her writing process, the critical role community plays in her work, and the importance of collaboration in her projects. She also discusses the adaptation of her podcast ‘Harlem Queen’ into a feature film and the challenges and opportunities that came with it.

A highlight of the conversation is the discussion on a particular episode of ‘Harlem Queen’, where three powerful businesswomen of color share a scene, illustrating that enterprising black women are not a modern phenomenon. 

00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome 00:54 Guest’s Journey into Writing and Audio Dramas 06:10 The Power of Audio Dramas and Storytelling 09:29 The Creative Process Behind ‘Harlem Queen’ 09:34 Balancing Historical Accuracy and Engaging Storytelling 09:39 The Inspiration Behind ‘Harlem Queen’ 12:03 The Challenges and Rewards of Creating Audio Dramas 20:42 The Excitement of Live Performances 26:34 Connecting with Mr. Betts and Future Plans 27:01 Adapting Visual Scripts to Audio and Back 27:30 Challenges and Opportunities in Transitioning from Audio to Visual Media 27:44 The Journey of Writing and Adapting the Script 29:34 The Art of Converting Scenes for Audio 31:16 Returning to Feature Film and Enhancing the Story 36:10 The Importance of Community in Creative Projects 39:17 Advice for Podcast Hosts and Creators in the Audio Drama Genre 46:01 Highlighting a Special Episode of Harlem Queen 48:22 Connecting with Listeners and the Audio Drama Community 48:56 Final Thoughts and Contact Information

To learn more about Yhane Washington Smith visit: https://pod.link/1453287583 https://www.instagram.com/yhane.writes.audio/ https://www.yhanewashingtonsmith.com/

Join Black Podcaster’s Association: bit.ly/BPACommunity Learn more about the 6th Annual Afros & Audio Podcast Festival, October 18-20, 2024 in Baltimore, MD: www.afrosandaudio.com

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed by guests of Afros & Audio’s Black History Month interview series are their own and do not reflect the values, mission, or business of Talib Jasir, Afros & Audio, Black Podcasters Association, Vanguard Podcast Network, or any other names, podcasts, events, businesses, or organizations mentioned in the video or audio of this series unless explicitly stated.

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