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This Show Is So Good It Will Make Your Grandmother Slap You!!! | EPISODE 77

podcast March 24, 2023

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On Friday’s episode of Amanda Seales’ podcast, the discussion revolved around several news stories that caught their attention. The first story was about a Texas man who suing his ex-wife’s friends who helped her obtain abortion pills. The group discussed the legal implications of such actions and the ongoing abortion debate in the United States.

Another story involved a 95-year-old grandmother who was arrested for smacking her granddaughter. The group delved into the topic of corporal punishment and whether or not it was an effective form of discipline.

Amanda also shared a public service announcement

Overall, the episode was a mix of serious topics and lighthearted banter, as Amanda and DJ NAILZ encouraged listeners to “listen, laugh, and learn” with them.


(00:00) Hey Everyone It’s FRIDAAAAYYYYY!!! The Weekend Is Here!!!!

(03:45) BLACKURATE NEWS: Texas Man Sues Ex-Wife’s Friends, Alleging They Helped Her Get Abortion Pills In Violation Of State Law. J Cole Has Opened Up About Sometimes Being Jealous Of Those Who Lead A “Normal” Life Without Fame.⁠

(09:00) Grandmother, 95, Arrested For Slapping Granddaughter Across Face With Slipper

(11:26) Relationship – The Group Chat – Gisele Is Opening Up About The End Of Her Marriage To Tom Brady

(15:02) Thank You For Listening To The Amanda Seales Show.  We Always Want You To Stay Connected With Us And Hear Your Opinions On The Things We Discuss…CALL US ANYTIME AT 1 855 AMANDA 8…THATS 855 262-6328.

(19:41) BLACKURATE NEWS: Louisville Residents Push Law To Help Curb Gentrification Of Black Neighborhoods. Louisville Or London? U.S. BEYONCÉ FANS SHARE WHY THEY’RE OPTING FOR EUROPEAN TICKETS

(27:30) How ‘Ma’am’ Went From Being A Respectful Word For Some – But Polarizing For Others.

(29:28) Things I Learned This Week – This Segment Is All About The Things Amanda Seales Learned This Week. Listen Laugh And Learn With Us! 

(35:01) Our Phone Lines Are Open 24/7 For Your Comments…More Calls On The Poll This Week…Do You Think Parents Should Respect Their Adult Children…YES OR NO…

(38:01) BLACKURATE NEWS: Idaho Poised To Allow Firing-Squad Executions When Lethal Injection Drugs Unavailable. Afroman Sued By Sheriffs Who Raided Home …Stop Using Us To Sell Merch

(43:50) Malia Obama Receives Writing Credit On New Thriller Series, ‘Swarm’

(46:04) The Public Seales Announcement (THE PSA) – Amanda Seales Has Something To Say 

(47:39) THE CONVERSATION CONTINUES AT 855-AMANDA-8, 855-262-6328 When Did You First Realize That You Were Grown?

(49:34) BLACKURATE NEWS: March 20th Was The 20 Year Anniversary Of The Iraq War…

(55:41) We Wrap Up Our Week On This Topic – Mothers Raising Their Daughters But Loving Their Sons. We’ll Take Your Calls





If you have a comment leave Amanda a message at 1 855-AMANDA-8 that’s 1-855-262-6328

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