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The millionaire Moses, chapter 10, part one the prosperity law of completion

podcast September 13, 2023

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Hey ladies, I didn’t even know there was a Prosperity law of completion, and we almost about to complete this book on the prosperity laws of the millionaire Moses. We are in chapter 10 the last chapter before we move on to the next book in this series. The word completion means lacking in nothing, whole, full, entire, finished, concluded, perfected, ended, and accomplished. That sounds a lot like the Shalom huh? Catherine reveals a formula for getting Results 1. Think 2. Act 3. Wait. Sounds a lot like “let go and let God.” Affirmation “it is done . God is now manifested as my supply. Then I get to rambling about my journey in segment 2 and the flat tire. Got to put these new thoughts to practice. Well I do want to say again I’m honored that you spent precious time with me today. Enjoy ladies! Shalom!

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