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The Hardest Part About Hiring & Firing Your Team – Episode #233 w/ David & Donni

podcast December 31, 1969

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Being the boss, calling the shots, and being responsible for other people is a tall task.

Finding the right people to be valuable, contributing, and forward-thinking members of your team is essential to your business health. Perhaps even more difficult is the process of parting ways with those members when time calls for it. In this episode we discuss :

– Assessing the value of teammates and services in a company ; being honest about the strengths and weaknesses of those you responsible for.

– Humans As Gatekeepers : the truth behind relationships and how organic connections move us forward.

– Having a Buffer as a CEO : The process of letting someone go as the leader .

– The second chair position : why the individual second to the person in charge is perhaps the most valuable position.

– Qualifying questions: navigating through processes, expectations, and desired outcomes by asking the right questions.

– The power of S.O.P.’s: why they are needed to scale, simply, and be effective at tasks in a business.

and so much more!

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