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That dynamic laws of prosperity chapter 4, part two

podcast March 6, 2024

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Ladies, to be honest, I felt like I was just rambling in this episode, until we got to the second segment in the doubleheader, chapter 8 the prayer for miracles. She mentioned that the word “overcome” means to “come up over”those troublesome people and situations and be freed from them, as you rise into higher levels of understanding, which invariably lift you into higher levels of living as well! Wow! What was the first section about? Oh yes, one of the most powerful, success, secrets that we have heard all through this journey. What is it? Well, you gotta listen to find out. But I’ll give you a clue, a pen, and a note Pad. Its simplicity has fooled you and me. Enjoy ladies! Thank you for being here today. Shalom. Talitha Cumi!

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