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S2xE9: Podcast Etiquette | “There Is No Competition” 😤

podcast April 25, 2021

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Cortney V. has returning guest Yosh host of Wine Tyme Podcast right in New Jersey, along with Rosey host of The Rosey Perspective Podcast in Boston. These ladies go from their thoughts on collaborations, the “Dos & Dont’s” within the podcast community, to the pet peeves and so much more. 
Heres A Quick Run Down on This Weeks Episode:

Ice Breaker Questions: 3:30
Lets Take Shots: 13:30
DO’s & Dont’s For Collaborating: 14:25
What Competition: 20:40
You Dont Know Me: 39:15
Supporters: 48:25
Wrapping Up/ Closing: 52:48
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