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Overcoming Money Trauma and Redistributing Wealth with Nafasi Ferrell

podcast December 31, 1969

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We’re wrapping up our Money and Abundance series with an important conversation about working through financial trauma and redistributing wealth to support our community.

How we feel about and manage our money is often influenced by our early experiences with money, and some of these experiences can have a lasting impact. Our guest today is Nafasi Ferrell. Nafasi is a Financial Coach certified in the Trauma of Money Method (TOM) where she proudly serves on faculty as a Racial Wealth Gap Educator and facilitator of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Affinity Spaces. She is the founder and owner of Narratives Unbound which she founded in 2019 after the passing of her father and after getting her and her husband out of over $30,000 in consumer debt.

Episode Topics:

  • How generational trauma impacts our relationship with money.
  • The relationship between hoarding and scarcity mindset.
  • How to move through financial trauma and embrace abundance.
  • The importance of redistributing wealth, and ways we can redistribute wealth in our communities.



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