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Nicole’s Little Uniform

podcast March 27, 2024

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Hey Friends! Nicole wants to know how rumors and nursery rhymes get started? Sasheer has the perfect answer. Nicole loved Madame Webb. Sasheer loved that a theater usher called Madame Webb the movie of our generation. Nicole also loved The Beekeeper. Sasheer had her second drumming lesson. Nicole comes up with an exercise to strengthen syncopation. Sasheer didn’t know that Nicole changed earlier. Nicole explains the thought process behind her performance uniform for touring. Sasheer thinks it’s smart to have a performance uniform. Nicole thinks she packs way too much underwear. Sasheer embraced safari outfits during their trip to Africa. Nicole turned into a safari queen near the end of the trip. They answer your friendship questions about how they would react if either of them got pregnant and how to not be a needy friend.


This was recorded on March 8th, 2024.





Abortion Costs

No BuzzFeed quiz this week. 


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