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Millionaire from Nazareth, chapter 8, part 3 why famine occurs

podcast January 18, 2024

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I know my prosperity is permanent now as my inner work is constant. God is filling my cup and it is overflowing in abundance of finances, employment, and all good. I am so happy because this is a time of abundant energy and divine completion for me. I am the rich child of a loving father, so I do not depend upon persons or conditions for my prosperity. I look to God for guidance and supply, and I dare to prosper now! With affirmations like these why how could famine occur? When we are not putting God first in our allegiance in our time, and then our financial affairs or other phases of our lives, we will find ourselves off in a far country of Lack and limitation like the prodigal son. Return to the Father’s House. Dare to prosper Now! Enjoy ladies! We live in the land of the wondrous! Thank you thank you thank you! May your cup overflow. Shalom. Talitha Cumi!

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