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Manifesting Millions With Intention – David & Donni (Clip From #307)

podcast December 31, 1969

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The people that you hang around will sometimes be a group that is on your level currently. As individuals, we choose who we spend our time with. It's beneficial to be in a group that wants to learn new and better things. What do you do when you are apart of a group and you are the only one that wants to grow?

Personal growth usually happens intentionally. You have to go and learn something. In order to pursue growth you have to be around information that is of greater value. This may come in the form of reading a book or spending time with someone that has valuable info to share. Additionally, you can find a group of people that are wanting and experiencing that growth as well.

Personal growth spills over into how you business grows. There will never be a time that you'll reach a point that you are completely satisfied with your business. In other words, there are always new things to see and new ways to grow.

We could all stand to make tweaks to our business. Often times, we'd need a second or even a 3rd opinion(customer surveys) of our how the business is operating. This will only ensure that the business lasts and stays fresh.

Business growth begins with personal growth.

What operations do you have in place that helps to make your business run smoothly?

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