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John Glover’s Secret to Longevity on Broadway 🎭

podcast May 30, 2024

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Hey y’all, what’s up? 🌟 In this video, I’m thrilled to sit down with the legendary John Glover at 80! We dive deep into his incredible life lessons and his illustrious career on Broadway. From starring in “Smallville” as Lionel Luther to his unforgettable performances in “Scrooged,” “Gremlins 2,” and “Payback,” John’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Ever wonder what it’s like to perform in over 19 Broadway shows, including “The Drowsy Chaperone,” “The Importance of Being Earnest,” and “Waiting for Godot”? John shares it all, including his Tony-winning role in “Love! Valour! Compassion!”

Join us as we reminisce about our time together in “Once Upon a One More Time” on pre-Broadway, where John’s playful spirit and big heart shone brightly. Hear about his adventures on “Fear of The Walking Dead,” “The Good Wife,” and “Lucifer,” and get a glimpse of his ongoing work in “And Just Like That.”

Hit subscribe and come on the ride as we celebrate the incredible John Glover and his many contributions to Broadway and beyond. You don’t want to miss this heartfelt and hilarious chat. Let’s give a warm welcome to the one and only, John Glover!

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0:00 – Intro

2:45 – John Glover Turning 80

7:40 – Replacing Original in The Drowsy Chaperone

15:18 – Transforming Roles Easily

20:10 – Unliked Roles Experience

24:45 – Advocacy Work

31:43 – Desired Legacy

33:17 – Self-Discovery Insights

33:40 – Advice for Aspiring Actors

39:30 – John’s Hair

42:40 – Where to Find John

45:38 – Goodbye

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