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How To Avoid Miscommunication – Episode #286 w/ David & Donni

podcast December 31, 1969

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Team building, Character Development, and Executive Communication are all integral to an entrepreneur’s success as they build a winning culture, a high threshold for accountability, and clarity surrounding the vision at hand. In this episode we’re going to unpack some of the blind spots that can trip us up in our journey to stay above reproach, maintain effective communication skills, and not “ get in our own way.” We’ll dive into :

– Having Fun Vs. Being Reckless : How to gage our threshold for enjoying the best of what life has to offer in comparison to letting “ourselves go” and indulging in a lack of self control and being undisciplined.

– Relational “Entanglements” and Guarding Our Reservoir of Energy : The truth about how to have a successful relationship and the pitfalls that many fall into at the height of their success.

– Executive Communication Skills As A Business Owner : How to communicate with team members to ensure that our visions are being carried out with clarity, punctuality, and a sense of ownership.

Creating A Culture Of Accountability, Truth, and Kindness : What it takes to build a company culture where as a leader you are able to walk in kindness while also maintaining a sense of honor, respect for the tasks at hand, and clear boundaries with your team.

And so much more!

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