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Ep 282: Working Remotely and Making an Impact with Adonica Randall

podcast March 16, 2023

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Adonica Randall has created the perfect recipe for working remotely and making an impact. She shares her personal philosophy and how she has been able to travel and work with the help of modern communication technology. Her staff consists of remote workers from around the world who all share a passion for what they do, helping people, and growing professionally.

Adonica is also aware of when someone may not fit in her team, so rather than viewing it as a bad thing, she encourages them to find something better elsewhere that suits their skillset better. Tune into this episode to learn more about how Adonica is creating positive change through remote work!

Episode Highlights

01:21 – Twenty years ago, this would probably be hard to do, because the communication would not be as flawless as it is now. You’d virtually be on the moon and have instant communication, so we just need to be in contact with each other. I would pretty much say everybody on the staff says, “Oh, well, I’m going to take these two or three days off, but I’m taking my laptop.” That means don’t bother me for miscellaneous stuff, but if something comes up, I’m available and I can get it on the laptop. Everybody sort of has that attitude. I find it interesting that these companies are freaking out about putting butts back in seats for remote workers versus not. It’s really not about remote workers versus not, it’s about real estate.

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