Ep 155: The FinTech Toolkit: Conquering Financial Fear and Fraud

podcast March 25, 2024

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Tech literacy isn't a one-and-done skill. It requires continuous learning and adaptation as innovation marches on. And there are very few areas that are being transformed by technology as rapidly as personal finance and fintech.

To help bridge this literacy gap, we're introducing a free Fintech Toolkit aimed at empowering you to:

  • Track and save money more effectively
  • Automate and optimize your investing
  • Protect yourself from the growing threat of financial fraud

In this episode, we dive into the startling lack of awareness around financial fraud. The statistics are staggering, but the invisibility of these crimes causes us to drastically underestimate the risks. Scaring people straight rarely works – we have to make protecting assets feel like a smart, rational choice.

And that's where fintech comes in. Our conversation explores the lack of awareness and discussion around financial fraud, highlighting the need for more attention and education on the topic. We also address the fear of embracing fintech and provide strategies for overcoming it. 

At the end of the day, crime and fraud follow the path of least resistance. The financial crimes of the future will continue targeting the people and businesses still using outdated, insecure practices and staying safe requires embracing new technological tools.

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