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Deeply Well with Devi Brown: Adapt and Adjust with Lalah Delia

podcast May 6, 2023

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The Black Effect Presents… Deeply Well!

Understanding one’s sensitivity; over our emotions, mind, and spirituality can take time to examine and define. How do you respond to toxicity? How do you adapt? What is the name of what you’re going through? Finding the answers to these questions could lead you to being your full self.

On today’s episode, Lalah Delia joins the conversation.  Delia is a bestselling author, educator, spiritual writer, certified spiritual practitioner, and founder of Vibrate Higher Daily School. She is leading seekers to self-empowerment and a life of more grace and high vibrations, and today she shares her story and her light with us.

Learn More: Lalah Delia

The Book: Vibrate Higher Daily

Connect: @DeviBrown @LalahDelia


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