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Chris Connors

podcast April 27, 2021

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Chris Connors is a creative director, mentor, speaker and mindfulness teacher bridging the worlds of, meditation, innovation and quality of life. The past 20 years of his life have been dedicated to bringing greater peace and quality of life to the world, connecting ancient wisdom to modern life. He is the founder of OPO a wellness technology company creating life enhancing, immersive experiences in both real and virtual space. You can download the OPO app to find out more, here. Today he talks all things meditation, and how wellness is essential as we transition out of the pandemic.

The Power Hour podcast gets to know other people’s processes to greatness. Join Adrienne as she invites guest speakers from coaches, creatives and innovators to discuss their daily habits and the key to achieving personal success and well-being.


Whether you want to build a business, write a book or run a marathon, the Power Hour is going to help you get there faster!


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