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Batting .500

podcast May 9, 2024

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In this episode of the Brilliant Idiots, Nyla Simone joins Andrew Schultz and Charlamagne Tha God dive into the ongoing drama between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. They break down the diss tracks these two heavyweights dropped and take wild guesses about Drake’s next chess move. Plus, they get into the nitty-gritty of street cred and how Instagram can make or break your rep.

They can’t help but notice the eerie silence from other artists when it comes to backing Drake in this showdown. They toss around ideas and speaking of hot topics, they tackle the sticky accusations thrown at Drake, like being labeled a creeper.

They dissect Questlove’s input and how the West Coast vibe adds spice to rap battles. And of course, they’re not done until they dish out what they think Drake and Kendrick should do next.

They discuss the latest drama involving DJ Vlad and Morgan Jerkins. And in a thoughtful twist, they round it all off with a chat about critical race theory and the importance of team harmony.


00:00 Celebrating the 500th episode of the Brilliant Idiots Podcast
01:27 Andrew’s feelings after selling out Madison Square Garden
03:42 Andrew’s experience with 50 Cent at Madison Square Garden
04:42 The impact of 50 Cent’s support for Andrew
05:12 The release of Kendrick Lamar’s diss tracks
09:28 Drake’s response with the release of his diss tracks
11:21 The impact of the diss tracks on the music industry
15:13 The impact of the diss tracks on Drake’s reputation
23:23 Speculating on Drake’s next moves
26:29 The coordinated effort to take Drake down
30:13 Exploring strategies for Drake to regain credibility
35:21 The Lack of Support for Drake
39:53 The Impact of Public Perception
44:00 Drake’s Handling of the Battle
53:22 The OVO Mole Theory
55:08 Kendrick’s Victory Lap
01:04:03 The Significance of the West Coast Sound
01:09:38 The Controversy Surrounding Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s Lyrics
01:11:04 The Importance of Proof in Rap Battles
01:11:29 The Impact of Diss Tracks on Artists’ Careers
01:19:35 The Dynamics of the Comedy Central Roast
01:20:30 The Challenges of Performing Stand-Up Comedy
01:29:38 The Debate About Race and Representation in Hip-Hop Culture
01:44:00 Understanding Perspectives and Power Dynamics
01:46:36 Playing Positions in Team Building
01:57:44 Resentment and the Importance of Loving What You Do

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