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At The Intersection Of Body And Mind Feat. Dr. Cassandre Dunbar

podcast March 27, 2024

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WHEW.. Y’all we are BACK and do y’all see the REVAMP?!!

After a season break, Chidinma is back and begins the episode by getting into all that’s been going on with podcast work behind the scenes, the new look and what to expect from the 2024 season conversations. For the Clue In segment, Chidinma shares a curated list of women owned and led products/projects. This includes That Good Good Shea skincare products, From A Full Cup Podcast hosted by Nicole Mullin and Kennedy Ryan’s new romance novel This Could Be Us.

For The Main Segment, Chidinma is joined by Medical Doctor and Host of the Be Well Sis Podcast, Dr. Cassandre Dunbar. The two discuss ways to prioritize physical wellness by paying attention to various signs that the body gives as well as the intersection of body and mind. This conversation is intended to be a comfort and companion for the busy woman trying to do it all but needs to reminded to slow down.

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