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006: Rape Culture – It Wasn’t Your Fault W/ Manyi Anabor (Part 2)

podcast April 28, 2021

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Join us for today’s episode, where we continue our discussions with Manyi Anabor. 

In part two of this series, we had further conversations about the impact of her experiences with child sexual and physical abuse in her life. We also talk about how she sought help through the form of therapy. Although there are still misconceptions about therapy, such as people thinking that it’s fake, it doesn’t work, or it just shows weakness. For people who have undergone therapy, it was their way out of the dark place that has been haunting them.

[00:01 – 21:03] Overcoming PTSD

  • Manyi discusses the value of seeking professional help and undergoing therapy
  • How therapy helped her through overcoming her trauma
  • Therapy isn’t just for the crazy, mad, or troubled people.
  • Manyi talks about the other resources that helped her overcome her trauma
    • Having a good support system
  • Manyi’s advice on how to approach the topic around rape and how to support rape victims.

[21:04 – 29:40] Dismantle Rape Culture

  • It’s time to abolish rape culture
  • Actionable steps on how to educate other people about the realities of rape culture
  • Give victims a safe space to share and talk about their stories

[29:41 – 35:18] The System has to be Changed

  • We talk about how the African Law Enforcement System needs to be improved
  • Men can be rape victims too!
  • Parents, you must be the first line of defense for your children.

[35:19 – 38:08] Closing Segment


  • Connect with Manyi. Links available below.


  • Final thoughts and call to action


Tweetable Quotes:

“I’m always searching for information and learning and reading self-help books and trying to figure things out. That’s naturally how I am. So that really, really helped me.” – Manyi Anabor


Resources Mentioned:


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