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🎙️Deeper Than Rap-Episode 314 🎙️

July 4, 2024

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We are a week removed from the Presidential debate and the biggest question is will Biden stay in or step aside for another candidate? Cuzzo discusses the realistic options if Biden decides not to continue his campaign. Rick Ross tries to troll in Canada and his security gets packed out while he ….does nothing LOL. Luke comments on the matter but ends up leaving people with more questions for him then answers. Does anyone still watch the BET awards? Restaurants raising prices has everyone looking at “fine dining” differently. Some italian prosecutors found Dior is getting over on it’s customers by overcharging bags and E-40 performs at a Biden rally smh. Rember & Promo Code “Chroniclez” for 15% off any order!!


Extra Media:

Dior Bags:


Trump Immunity:


UK Prison Officer Getting It in:


Trump Talking Sh*t:


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