You have to choose your Self this time.

podcast June 3, 2024

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This is the way. 

Can you see that?

Can you see that nothing is ever wrong?

Can you see that nothing ever happened?

That nobody is here?

Not even me,

not even you?

Not even the person(s) you are trying to help?

Can you stay repeating, ‘Only Love is here”, today, 

knowing that you are that Love,

that you are that Christ,

that you are that Light?


I Love You,




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“I don’t care how difficult you think it is you have to choose yourself this time.” – @marinaaimeepoetry

“Maintain a conscious state of God consciousness, come what may, despite all appearance to the contrary. Exercise the discipline to stay in God. That’s it. Be God consciousness. Then we do not even have to take one thought about person, thing or condition, and we mustn’t.” – Paul F. Gorman

“As you enter this space, may you receive the gifts you were meant to receive and may you give the gifts you were meant to give.” – unknown 

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