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Wisconsin Tiff is The Only One Who Has Sex with Senior Citizens For Free

podcast April 9, 2024

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Wisconsin Tiff is an OnlyFans model who creates adult content online with older gentlemen. Laura opens the show by asking Tiff about her mother being murdered by her boyfriend when she was only 4 years old. This led her to be cared for by her single father who was not ready to take care of her and her brother.  

Before becoming an OnlyFans model, Tiff was working at a school in the lunchroom when COVID hit. After losing her job, she began making online content and became an influencer. This, along with a split from her ex-husband, then led her to begin making adult content online.  

Wisconsin Tiff explains how and why she got into making content with the specific demographic of older men. She explains the adult filming process and what a typical day is like for her when she’s working. She also goes on to explain how she got banned from a few nursing homes due to her line of work.  

Before they wrap, Tiff tells Laura about having her own sense of agency, and appreciating the fact that she’s in total control of whatever she wants to do while not having to rely on a man for anything.  

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