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Unmasked: Embracing Power to Be Unstoppable with Denise Taylor

podcast December 19, 2021 4

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"We must be willing to embrace our power so that we can go, be, do, have and achieve, whatever it is that we want. And it's that sense of empowerment that allows us to shake off fear and truly become." – Denise Taylor

A professional and stable career, a happy family, a prosperous business, a loaded bank account, or luxurious cars and gadgets. Success may come in any of these tangible forms that are easily noticed by people. But have we ever thought of looking beyond the things that are seen by the naked eye? Maybe.

Go. Be. Do. Have. Achieve.

People may reach great heights but still, hide themselves behind these successes just to run away from their unspoken pains and experiences. Who would want others to see their scarred faces? No one, right? That’s why this episode is focused on helping people manage and claim the power they lost in their complicated past and redefining strength and what it truly means. 

It is a great honor to have with me Denise Taylor, a professional coach, podcast and conference host, and success strategist. This episode is full of realizations about pain, power, success, strength, self-love, faith, and how these factors are used to reach greater heights, succeed, and become unstoppable.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Realizing you aren't alone 
  • Why masking painful experiences lead to self-esteem and confidence issues
  • Five success superpowers: seeing yourself succeed, shaking off fear, doing the work, taking care of yourself, and holding steadfast to your faith
  • Selfishness v prioritizing oneself and being selfless
  • How to become Unstoppable
  • How to face unwanted situations head-on

Episode drink: 

White Grape Cranberry Mimosa


  • White Grape
  • Cranberry
  • Rosemary
  • Champagne

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