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True Essence of Becoming Unchained As a Black Woman to Live Your Most Authentic Life with Co-Authors of the Unchained Goddess

podcast October 17, 2021

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Saying that black women have become victims of negative stereotyping for centuries is a huge understatement. And these titles that have been used to label us, which is sadly the reflection of  how society thinks of us and expects from us.

This has kept us chained, making it harder to live our purpose and our most opulent life! 

Because of that, we find ourselves trying to carry on in life with these chains continuously weighing us down, preventing us from discovering our true capacity, passion and purpose. 

Make yourself a priority and unchain yourself from all of these expectations, stereotypes, and pressure. Release the inner goddess in yourself and start living an authentic life to get the divine essence of who you truly are!

The journey of being an unchained goddess starts with yourself.  One way you can start on this journey is listening to today’s episode as I speak with powerful female black female thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs who co-authored the The Unchained Goddess with me. 

Andrea “Infiniti” Jones is an artist and intuitive voice coach. Shameka Jones is the owner of the 360 Health Movement. Jena Robinson is a teacher and energy healing practitioner. Dawn Kristin Ellison is a life mastery coach and spiritual mentor in the Evolve Life Mastery. Tierra Womack is a confidence and wealth coach, and  Paula Nichole Goode is a transformation coach and a registered nurse. 

It’s my true joy and honor to share the spotlight with these amazing women!

We talk about our different journeys in birthing the idea of the “Unchained Goddess” and writing our own chapters in this book. We spoke of both the joys and pains which led us to discovering our inner goddesses. In this duality of life, we’ve come to appreciate how breaking free from all these different chains have liberated us to live our most authentic and powerful lives. And we all believe it is only right that we pass this on to generations of goddesses ahead of us.

Listen and be enlightened about the true essence and meaning of becoming unchained goddess. 

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Caramel Apple Mimosa


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