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They are the chosen ones who have surrendered.

podcast April 5, 2024

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Keep relaxing and noticing that you’re already above thought,

that you’ve already surrendered,

that your very beingness is the state of Surrender. 

When you get caught up in thought today,

thoughts about the future,

thoughts about what appears to be lacking or missing still,

 hold your breath just for a second

and look around the environment that body is in.

Experience that moment without the overlay of thought.

The noise of the mind is like watching a show with someone that’s constantly trying to guess the plot.

Stop trying to guess.

Stop trying to predict.

Just watch and notice how silent that moment is without ‘you’.

Notice how you can’t even say that’s you in the scene.

In that moment, there’s just the happening.

It’s just Love appearing to happen. 

And that, too. That thing you hope is happening?

That you’ve been waiting to happen?

This is how it happens,

with these seeming limitations,

with these feelings,

these thoughts of doubt,

with these obstacles.

Let it play out.

Keep saying I trust you.

I trust in you, God, 

I love you. 


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“When you start becoming sensitive to your agendas-to the subtle but pervasive strategies of bartering, begging, and bullying life to give you what you want–this is the time to willingly surrender the agenda.”- Amoda Maa

“They are the chosen ones who have surrendered

Once they were particles of light, now they are the radiant sun!”- Rumi

“Things are going to happen so much better than you expect them to. Know that in this moment, your vision is limited by the growth & experiences you’ve had up until now. And while your vision is limited, your energy certainly isn’t. You’re on a path to opening up whilst surrendering. That combination is the concoction to unexpected blessings and what you perceive to be miracles. It’s unfolding just as it should. Maintain the flow.” -@sourcemessages

“Inhale, and God approaches you. Hold the inhalation, and God remains with you. Exhale, and you approach God. Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God.” – Krishnamacharya 

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