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The Return of Stop And Frisk – How Did Jack Harlow Get So Popular | ITBP S6E13

podcast April 23, 2022

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In this week’s episode, we tackle a Black Box Letter where a listener asks; “what you should do when your partner has an issue with you disciplining their child”.  Is that a red flag for your relationship?  Also we discuss why would the mayor of New York city (Eric Adams) bring back “Stop And Frisk” and how even after 2 years of marches, protests, and petitions, there is no evidence of any police departments getting defunded.  What happened?  And finally, we ask; who is Jack Harlow and why is he so popular?  Is his rise in hiphop just another example of White faces in Black spaces?  All that and much more.

Time Stamps
Black Box Letter:  9:33

No Defunding And Stop And Frisk:  30:26

Who Is Jack Harlow?:  42:27

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