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The More She Prayed Through, the More GoOD Came Through

podcast November 2, 2022

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The more she saw through, the more GoOd came through– as the feeling of Silence, as the sound of Love, in the form of what was needed, ceaselessly. Look THROUGH the need, that’s how you pray for it.   I Love you, Nik nikki@curlynikki.com LOVE CHARGING STATION, Live, Daily, Group Practice-  6:30am ET (Spotify LIVE): ▶▶ https://apps.apple.com/id/app/spotify-live/id1517524960 Support the show: ▶▶https://www.patreon.com/goodmornings GoOD Mornings merch: ▶▶https://www.patreon.com/goodmornings Weekly LIVE Meditation, Tuesdays at 7pm ET (FREE on Spotify) ▶▶ https://spotify.link/meditation _________________________________ Today’s Quotes: “The more she prayed through, the more God came through.” -@SpiritualSlayer01 via IG “I will row your boat even in sand.” -Maharajji  “I am in need of nothing but the truth. I  sought for many things, and found despair.  Now do I seek but one, for in that one is all I need, and only what I need. “All that I sought before I needed not, and did not even want. My only need I did not recognize. ‘But now I see that I need only truth. “In that all needs are satisfied, all cravings end, all hopes are finally fulfilled and dreams are gone. “Now have I everything that I could need. Now have I everything that I could want. And now at last I find myself at peace.” -ACIM 251 “I once had a thousand desires.  But in my one desire to know you all else melted away.” – Rumi “Just relinquish the belief that you need something in the realization that “God knows your need before you do,” and you’re under grace. You do not have to reach out physically or mentally for anything. The very moment you know that as an individual you are one with God, joint-heir with Christ in God, you can say, “Why certainly, I don’t need anything or anybody. I live in my oneness with God.” You’re under grace that minute. Only do not go back and sin again. Do not go back tomorrow to a fear of lack, or to a fear of sin, or a fear of disease, or a fear of false appetite. Keep yourself living in the realization, “Thank you, Father, I have no needs. The Father knoweth my needs.” -Joel Goldsmith 

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