The Hidden Perfume #GMweekends

podcast September 24, 2022

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Remembering God is our main business, and that remembrance handles all of our other business!  So all of the senses must be employed toward that end. Up next, the sense of smell.   Allow a fragrant oil (I like Jasmine Absolute in Jojoba Oilfrom Whole Foods) to jog your memory to reach for God, to stay tapped into Love.  Or light an incense to help you stay aware of the Light in your heart.  Let the worldly perfume guide you to your inner, “hidden perfume”.  Do what it takes to BE who you are. I Love you, Nik LOVE CHARGING STATION, Live, Daily, Group Practice-  6:30am ET (Spotify LIVE): ▶▶ Bonus content: ▶▶ GoOD Mornings merch: ▶▶ Weekly LIVE Meditation, Tuesdays at 7pm ET (FREE on Spotify) ▶▶ _________________________________ Today’s Quote: “You contain within your innermost being many qualities of which you are unaware.  These are like unto beautiful bottles of rare perfume which you have put away in closets and forgotten.”-   excerpted from Journey with the Master by Eva Bell Werber (The Hidden Perfume)

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