The Great Remembering Cannot be Stopped.

podcast May 27, 2024

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Nothing is stopping you but yourself, but your thoughts. Give them to Me. Take My Silence, use My Faith, My Strength, My Name, My Feeling.  That’s how you pray. Not with words, but with Love. 

I Love you, 


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Today’s Quotes:

“The Great Remembering Cannot be Stopped.” – @Ramonalappin via IG

When you pray with deep sincerity, all restless thoughts disappear. When you meditate deeply, all the distractions of the senses vanish and in that stillness you feel Him approaching. Then you will understand how wonderful life is. – Paramahansa Yogananda

“From the beginning was I created, and before all the worlds, and in the ages to come I shall not cease to be, and in the holy house I have exercised my ministry before him (the Lord).” -Eccl. 24:4 

“The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his ways, before he made anything from the beginning. I was set up from eternity, and of old before the earth was made. The depths were not as yet, and I was already conceived, neither had the fountains of waters as yet sprung out. The mountains with their huge bulk had not as yet been established: before the hills I was brought forth. He had not yet made the earth, nor the rivers, nor the poles of the world. When he prepared the heavens, I was present. When with a certain law and compass he enclosed the depths, when he established the sky above, and poised the fountains of waters, when he compassed the sea with its bounds, and set a law to the waters that they should not pass their limits, when be balanced the foundations of the earth; I was with him forming all things, and was delighted every day, playing before him at all lines, playing in the world…” Prov. 8:22-31

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