Silence is your soundtrack, now.

podcast May 28, 2024

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(t)His Silence is your soundtrack, now.

It’s no longer that voice with its criticisms and judgments,

the labeling and constant complaining. 

Your attention and God are one.

Now you recognize that the Silence is God,

and that when you seem to move out of the Silence,

you’re moving away from God.

You’re moving away from your goals,

away from your dreams,

away from the Promise,

into your planning to obtain the promise.

But His ways are not yours. 

He moves in Silence. 

Be Still, 

in listening, 

I Love you,


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“When the mind is plunged in silence, that’s God. Silence is another way of saying: to keep the mind on God all the time. God is silence, and you are that.” -Robert Adams

“I have no pleasure in my family. Should I remain there or leave it and go away? “Are you in the house or is the house in you? Is there any house apart from you? If you become established in your own place, you will find that all things have merged into you and such questions will become unnecessary. Sri Ramana Maharshi

“Meditation does not bring you into an altered state. It brings you out of one.” -Scott Feinberg

“Man can overcome any limitation because he has spiritual resources which are not subject to planetary pressure.” -Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri

“Even though you may want to put God the Mother aside, She will not leave you. Are you not Her offspring? Keep in mind that everything is under Her dispensation. She provides for each the right thing, at the right time, in the right way……” – Anandamayi Ma

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