Raising Supaman! Raising POWERFUL Young Men and Women

podcast August 9, 2021 1

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In this episode of #GetOnCode we build with Ω Nat Turner, who became a father after watching Disney’s The Lion King. Author and TED speaker Nathaniel A. Turner, JD, MALS, is a self-described “Humanity Propulsion Engineer.” Nate is the author of several books, including the children’s book series, “The Amazing World of STEM,” and his history-making book, “Raising Supaman.” Nat speaks on raising his Young man, the naming ceremony that occurred 8 days after his child was born, and how “theWE” can Get On Code with our parenting strategies. :  :  :  :


Focused on #Empowerment, specifically #BlackEmpowerment, the Get On Code (The Fly Guy Show), is built on the #EmpowermentAgenda, and led by the Conscious Ω Bruh’ @SekoVarner aka #MrEmpowerment. #GetOnCodeShow

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