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Meditation: Celebrating Your Achievements (Praise)

podcast May 19, 2023

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You are incredible. 

You have so many talents and gifts, and you bring joy and light into the lives of everyone around you. 

You have accomplished so much, and it’s time to pause and take the time to celebrate those achievements.


Maybe you’ve overcome a challenging obstacle, pursued a new dream, or simply poured love and kindness onto those around you.

You deserve to feel proud of everything you’ve accomplished, and it’s important to take the time to celebrate.


As you bask in this feeling, feel the warmth and love that radiates from within you. 

You are a unique and beautiful soul with so much to offer the world. 

You are worthy of love and respect just as you are, without needing to prove anything to anyone.


Allow this feeling to expand within you, to fill your heart and your body with a deep sense of gratitude and joy. 

You have worked hard, you have persisted, and you have achieved amazing things. 

You deserve to celebrate yourself, to acknowledge your accomplishments, and to feel the love and joy that come from recognizing your own worth.


With each breath, allow this feeling to grow and expand, until it becomes a bright and shining light within you. 

This light is your own inner radiance, your own unique essence that shines out into the world. 

You are incredible.


Namaste, Beautiful


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