Meditation: Calm Wise Owl Sleep

podcast September 21, 2022

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You perch so calmly in the trees, Wise Owl,

completely silent and serene.

You look down upon your world with a confident wisdom,

and see the complex simplicity of the universe with your amber eyes. 

Look over me as I enter the night, Ms. Owl,

and infuse me with your grace.

For tonight, I crave deep sleep for restoration,

And long to be reconnected to the oneness that is you, me, and all things.


Before Bed

  1. What wisdom are you seeking tonight?
  2. Think about a recent moment you had with an animal – cuddling with a pet, seeing animals in nature. How did it make you feel? 

In the Morning

  1. What are your intentions for the day ahead?
  2. How can you make time to be still today?


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