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Love is the Sure Proof That Your Prayers Have Touched God #GMfaves

podcast March 9, 2024

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God responds to your prayers in many ways, the first response being Joy and inner Peace.  His Peace.

Today I share about my current read/listen, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, and how we’re divine roomies in “this place where every thought and breath starts”, where every prayer is expressed and answered.  In this place where you practice being Love until Love is all that’s left.

I Love you,


******God is afoot! I’m writing, and working on something BIG (and very useful) for your practice! I’ll share #ListenerFavorite episodes until I return with new ones in Spring! Look out for announcements soon!

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Today’s Quotes:

“Had I not read ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, I would not have had a life.” -George Harrison

“The moment you sing in gratitude, in glory of the Divine, it immediately dawns in you and fills you up again.” -Ravi Shanka

“If you repeatedly call on Him with ever deeper concentration, He will answer your prayer. A joy and peace will strike your heart. When that comes, you know that you are communing with God. To utter God with devotion, and increase the concentration and devotion with each repetition of His name, is to plunge the mind deeper and deeper in the ocean of His presence until one reaches the fathomless depths of divine peace and ecstatic joy, the sure proof that one’s prayers have touched God.”  -Yogananda

“A subsistent inner happiness unconditioned by any external influence is evident proof of the responding prsence of God.” -Yogananda

“From where every thought and breath start. You are that timeless Presence.” -Ramana Maharshi 

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