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LL Cool J’s 3-Album Run w/ Slug from Atmosphere | Ep. 134

podcast June 11, 2022

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Who’s ready to talk LL Cool J with no other than Slug from Atmosphere?! We dive into his epic albums – Radio (1985), BAD: Bigger And Deffer (1987) and Walking with a Panther (1989) 🔥


You’ll hear some gems dropped from Eminem and LL himself, as well as contributions from…


Nate LeBlanc (Dad Bod Rap Pod):

Dan O (Freemusic Empire):

Weird Rap:


YouTube Version 📺


Full 3-Album Run series:


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Show Notes:

  • Manscaped sponsor (00:00)
  • Why Slug chose LL’s run (08:20)
  • How Beastie Boys discovered LL Cool J (10:35)
  • How LL made Run-DMC sound old in a flash (12:08)
  • LL’s first interview (14:38)
  • Digging into the album ‘Radio’ (15:25)
  • Eminem on loving LL Cool J (24:46)
  • Breaking down Rick Rubin’s genius and how this run is similar to Nirvana’s (27:37)
  • Why LL IS hip hop, by Nate LeBlanc (Dad Bod Rap Pod) (36:17)
  • ‘Bigger And Deffer’ (BAD) (40:20)
  • Freemusic Empire on why LL is a cheatcode maniac (50:00)
  • Was LL the King of New York in 1987? (58:40)
  • ‘Walking With a Panther’ and LL disappointing his fans (1:06:08)
  • Why Slug loves ‘You’re My Heart’ (1:17:27)
  • Weird Rap Podcast crew breaks down LL and ‘Walking With a Panther’ (1:20:35)
  • Breaking down the ‘Panther’ album art (1:24:40)
  • Is LL Cool J the hip hop GOAT? (1:32:00)


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