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ITV #72: How to Generate 7 Figure Generational Wealth with Sunny In Denbigh

podcast December 31, 1969

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Let’s talk about generational wealth.

Did you know it is generally lost by the time it reaches the third generation?

If you want to leave your family with a truly solid financial future, it’s going to take more than just coming into money and passing it down.

Gillian and Johnathan Nelson built their business from the basement of their home and have created a multi-million dollar future for their children. Not only that, they broke into a $20 billion dollar industry where only 3% of ownership is controlled by the Black community.

And they did it as a family. The tools to success are at your fingertips, tune in to take control of your destiny.

In this episode Ash Cash and The Nelson’s discuss:

1. How to transition from the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur

2. Why Gillian continued to work a 9-5 while making millions

3. The steps it takes to create lasting generational wealth

4. How to successfully market to different demographics

5. The value of community

Memorable Quotes:

“When you’re at a job you are a babysitter. 9-5 you’re watching their kid. When you’re an entrepreneur you’re raising that kid.”

“I think we feel like generational wealth means we’re going to leave a bag of money to these kids. Don’t leave your money to these children – leave them with a skill, show them how to create wealth for themselves.”

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