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Interview with Artist Niles Tatum

podcast December 6, 2022

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Brief summary of episode:

Niles Tatum is a self-taught multimedia artist based in Baltimore, Maryland.  He first began creating at the age of 8, deeply inspired by the vibrancy of the cartoons in his youth. His beginnings would later foreshadow his propensity for hyper-saturation and contrast. With his emphasis on color and distortion, which often borders psychedelia, his work aims to communicate the complexities of his community, their love, their pain, and the world they inhabit.

His medium of choice is marker, though he frequents digital creation, collage, and oil paint. His work conveys its whimsy through the lens of cultural nuances, centering the feelings, experiences, and relationships of the marginalized. Thus, it is juxtaposed– that which is frequently repressed and an emphatic, bright display that calls both attention and serious thought.

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Niles Tatum

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